Sharing beautiful experiences

in the local area of Japan

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Nature is beautiful.
Every moments nature gives us
full of inspiration.


Beautiful moments in Minamiuonuma,Japan.
It's just amazing.

  • Culture
    Traditional Fablic
    There is a long history of textile-making in Minamiuonuma area and beautiful nature environment enables people to prepare high quality fablics for Japanese Kimono.
  • Mountains
    There are a lot of mountains here and also few people compared to hiking area in Kanto area. Definitely nice to cultivate your favorite area.
  • camping
    Camping in Minamiuonuma area is definitely awesome experience. Time passes so differently when spending time in nature.
  • skiing
    Immersing in the white world and Expressing the style, just amazing.
  • cloud sea
    Cloud Sea
    I was so lucky that I was in this moment. Nature gave me surpurising gift to me.


We are part of nature.
The more we live in harmony with nature, The better we live well.
And we have the power of choise for our lifestyle.


Nature gives humans creativity. In history, humans got ideas from nature, accumulated knowledge, and developed technology. Technology is essential to establish this modern civilization.

Humans get inspired art and design of nature. Nature gives us the sense of beauty, this is amazing. It's always nice to enjoy the gift from nature. Color, patterns, space, moves, any aspects of nature gives us ideas and makes us think richer.

Nature also might be helped to reduce humans stress and helps to think creative. Nature is essential for human being to think well.


There are so much information anywhere. On our smartphone, TV, Advertisement on buildings, there are so much. We might even miss opportunities that look closely at our emotion because of processing information from outside too much. Nature gives opportunities to let people look at themselves and recognize what is really important in our life.

Nature also helps us to improve wellbeing in terms of emotion and physical condition. It reduces anxiey and stress. Also people can improve their health through nature activities. Even people can spend great time with others, so it's important to build strong connection with others too.

What's futures lifestyle? the world moves on so fast and sometimes people felt like left behind and gets streesed. It might be needed to be in nature to look deeply into the world and yourself.

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